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February 23, 2012
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Of Night-Terrors Terror

Cody was ripped out of her sleep by an ear splitting shrill. Her heart pounding fiercely; immediately she rushed to the scream she knew all too well; her little sister Minda.
"What's is it!? What's wrong!? Minda!?" Cody called as she rushed to her little sister, who was pressed against the wall that her mat cattycornered, clutching her blanket and teddy bear as if for dear life.
"The monster, Grape! The monster was after me!" She said sobbing hard.
Cody took a deep breath and climbed up onto the mat with Minda and hugged her, "Oh, Minda… it was just a the bad dream you had again."
"But Grape!" she said looking up at her with tear streaked eyes, "I saw it! It tried to grab me! It was all slimy and gross and…"
"Minda…" Cody said reassuringly, "It was only a bad dream. There's nothing in this place that could come in and hurt you. We have Dorochet, Martel, Roa, Alexander… Even Renagade now!" She said naming off her comrades, "We even have Boss man Greed here, and he wouldn't let anything bad come in his bar…"
Minda continued to sob, holding her older sister tight; Cody simply drew her in closer, "But guess what's even better?" She said with a happy smile, Minda looked up at her sniffling, "You have me. I won't let no big bad monster get you. I'll even sleep with you to make sure it doesn't come back. Okay?"
Minda was nodding when an audible snuffing sound made them both tense for a moment. A low grunting noise made Cody sigh in relief, "It's ok, Minda. It's just Fafnir sniffing under the door. Fafnir. Please don't do that, Minda is spooked right now ok?" Cody called out. A low grunt and one last snort sounded before heavy footsteps disappeared down the hall.
"That big dragon scares me…" Minda said slowly hugging Cody tighter.
Cody ruffled her hair, "Aww… Fafnir's really nice. She doesn't bite unless you are a bad guy. But enough of that… let's get to sleep. No monster will get you while I'm here." She said pulling the covers over them both.
"Will you sleep with me every night…? I don't want the monster to come back…"
Cody smiled and hugged her, "sure thing, Minda… every night… Sweet dreams Minda…"
"Night…" Minda replied sleepily as she snuggled closer one last time before falling fast asleep; Cody soon after.
Fafnir passed by the door once more and sniffed under it to check if the two were still up before continuing back to her "nest", growling to herself.

Three days later~

"But Boss Man!!! I can't just leave without taking Minda!" Cody protested, "She… there are so many… Odd guys around here!"
Greed shrugged and gulped down a beer, "Yeah, yeah… but it'll be even MORE dangerous to take her with you on this mission and I'm sure you don't want her dead." He stated staring straight into her eyes; the statement made her flinch.
"But… All the guys I know I can really trust around her will be gone…." She said weakly.
Greed tapped his chin in thought, "True… Doro and Roa are heading to Resembool to get a few things… save you the trouble.." he muttered more to himself than Cody, "Alex and Renagade are gonna be out in a neighboring village to hunt down the Red Lotus… And you and Marta are out on a hunting errand…Guess I really did leave ya between a rock and a hard place…" he stated.
"So please can I stay, or at least let one of the others stay?" Cody pleaded, almost desperately at the thought that her little sister would be in the care of some rapist or drunken idiot.
"No can do… The boys and Renagade are already gone. And you might need backup… so, sorry kiddo. Just give her some toys to entertain her for a while. You should only be gone like maybe two days?" he said thinking it over.
"Boss man, it's not that simple… the past few nights Minda has been thinking there's a monster in our room…" Greed chuckled, "It's not funny Greed! She gets really scared and sometimes wakes up screaming…"
"So that's what that noise was…" he muttered, "You seen the thing?"
"No… no trace of anything being in there… We share the same room… So I don't really believe it's more than a bad dream." Cody muttered.
"Hmmm… Look, can't you tell her that there are no "bed monsters" or that anything can get in here without notice?"
"Of course I tried! I even looked under her bed and closets and told her there is nothing down there… but she insists that there's something that tries to get her…" Cody sighed. Greed just looked at her and heaved a heavy breath,
"Look, Cody. I know she's your sister and a little one at that. Kids get scared… and then they grow out of it. One night won't kill her." Greed sighed as he saw Cody tense up in irritation, "And if it makes ya feel any better, I'll check up on her every now and again. Or if any of the guys show up, I'll have one of em look after her, alright?" Greed added rather wryly.
"Really?" Cody asked.
"Really. Now get ready, if it's time you're worried about, then standing here yammering ain't helping." He said standing up and motioning to Martel, "Don't worry. Nothing gets in this building without my say so." He said with a grin as he patted Cody's shoulder almost playfully.
Cody sighed… now came the REALLY hard part…


"NO! GRAPE! NO!!" Minda wailed, "Please take me with you!"
Cody rubbed her shoulder and then hugged the sobbing child, "I can't Minda… I'm sorry it's too dangerous for you to go…"
"But the monster!!" Minda sobbed, "It'll get me!"
"Minda… I promise the monster won't get you. Boss man will make sure it won't. he says that no monster will get in his house unless he says so."
"But it did! It does get in!" Minda sobbed.
"Minda. I promise I will only be gone one night. And during the night, Boss Man will check up on you. He won't let anything hurt you. I promise." Cody said as reassuringly as possible.
With that Cody reluctantly got ready and left alongside Martel, sighing heavily knowing her sister was going to be scared no matter what without her…

Several hours later~

Greed was in the upper bar as usual playing a game of poker with some of the remaining guys, eyeing his hand wearily and keeping a straight face even though he knew he was boned.
He growled angrily as he, as predicted, was out handed and lost the game, "Dammit… Alright. Next round!" he barked, the guys laughed and began cutting the cards again.
Greed glanced down as he felt something press his arm shyly and looked straight at Minda, who was ready for bed and hugging a stuffed bear and looking up at him shyly, "Mr. Shark tooth…" she said in almost a whisper as she hugged her bear, "It's my bed time…" she said shifting.
Greed blinked and then scowled at the men who began snickering at him, shutting them up in a fraction of a second, "Well then, go on." He said looking at her.
"But there's a monster in my room… it'll get me if I'm down there all alone…" she whimpered.
Greed sighed and placed his cards down, "Alright, kid… Be back boys… start without me." he said and walked the little girl down to her room.
Minda looked up at the tall dark haired man shyly as she continued to smother her bear; she was slightly timid of him mostly due to the fact that her sister seemed to be kinda scared of him; at least in her eyes. Despite this she felt safer from the creature that continuously tried to eat her since it first found her with him around.
Greed opened the door and let the little girl in and watched her stop halfway to her mat and looked towards a crack in the wall near the corner. Greed followed her gaze and then looked back at the girl, "What's wrong?"
"That's where the monster comes from…" she said backing away.
Greed looked at the crack and walked over to inspect it; he ran his hand over the crack and snorted softly, 'This thing isn't even big enough for a dog to really squeeze through, let alone some "monster"… doesn't even looked worn…'
"Well kid, doesn't look like anything can even get through this. Unless your monster is a rat, nothing can get through this." He said tapping at the wall.
"But it does… I've seen it…"
Greed shrugged, "look kid. Nothing is gonna get in here without my say so. If it does I kill it. Got it?" he said flexing out his claws. Minda nodded slowly, "Good… now get some sleep." He said heading toward the door.
"Mr. Shark tooth!" Minda called. Greed stopped and sighed at her childish pet name,
"Can… can you sleep with me… just in case…?"
Greed stiffened and rubbed his neck, "er… I… I would kid… but I have stuff to do upstairs. No offense kid." Minda began to whimper, and Greed sighed, "Look. I'll leave the light on. No monster likes a lot of light, and two, just call if something happens. Ok?" he said casting the young girl a rather intimidating glance. Minda looked down and reluctantly nodded, "Good… now go to sleep kid…" he said as he headed out the door and down the hall.
For several minutes Minda just sat on her mat staring across the room at the dreaded crack, hugging her bear tightly and sniffling, too afraid to fall asleep.
Little Minda jumped as she began hearing increasingly louder bangs and pulled her blanket closer, listening. A familiar snuffling sound was accompanied by a familiar growl from beneath the door as she saw a shadow pass in front as it continued down the hall after a few seconds more of sniffing.
Minda's eyes widened as she quickly got up, still watching the crack as she made her way to the door.
Minda quickly, though reluctantly, walked out of her room and looked down the hall to see the large dragon sniffing under the other doors and moving on to the next. For a moment she hesitated, but looking back to her room, she thought about what Cody had told her, 'Fafnir's really nice… she only bites bad guys.'
Minda swallowed hard and made to call to the large animal, but instead squeaked; Fafnir's head snapped around, her large yellow orange eyes focusing onto the young girl, making her hug her bear tighter.
Fafnir froze when she saw the little girl in the hall; she didn't know her all that well, but she did know the kid was scared of her. She also knew that her sister wasn't there, so what was she doing down there all alone? She made no sudden movements so as not to startle the little girl and gave a low grunt as she folded her ears and lowered her head.
She was a bit surprised when the little girl walked closer to her and slowly held out her hand, "Nice… dragon…" she said shakily as she closed her eyes and held her hand out to her.
Fafnir pricked her ears forwards for a moment before nudging her hand and began purring, hoping to let the little girl know she wouldn't hurt her. She was rewarded by the little girl opening her eyes slowly one by one to look at her as she continued to purr. At length, the little girl pet her snout and smiled faintly, making Fafnir growl happily as she licked at Minda, making the little girl giggle, her fear fading slowly.
Fafnir was about to turn and leave after she stepped back, but the little girl called out again, "Fafnir! W-wait…" she said slowly. Fafnir turned and looked at the child snorting, "Are… are you sleepy Fafnir?"
Fafnir cocked her head to the side confused, "You can sleep with me if you want too…"
Fafnir's ears folded for a moment before she understood what the little girl wanted; she was scared to be alone and wanted someone to be with her. Looking up towards the ceiling she knew Greed was not likely to be her caretaker… he didn't know how to handle a kid… and there was no way the others were going to do it…so that left her, her hunt would have to wait.
Fafnir grunted and walked over to her door and nosed it open and then looked back at the little girl who smiled rather brightly at her, making Fafnir purr as the girl then slowly entered; glancing at the wall.
Fafnir looked towards the crack as the little girl sat down, "A monster lives in there…" she said to the dinosaur, who looked at the child, "It tries to eat me when it's dark and I'm alone… I'm scared of it."
Fafnir folded her ears and stared at the wall more intently before snorting agitatedly and lied down behind Minda and got comfortable, her ears were pricked alertly however.
Minda placed her pillow against Fafnir's stomach and pulled on her blanket as close to the large reptile as possible before slowly closing her eyes and falling asleep. Fafnir remained awake, glancing to the crack from time to time, sniffing the air as carefully as possible. Looking back at Minda, Fafnir determined the child had fallen asleep and she carefully raised her tail and flipped off the light without getting up; her chameleon reflex kicked in and she became a ghost in the room. Several minutes that turned into hours passed, and Fafnir had since lowered her head and had fallen asleep.
Other than the fact Greed came down every half hour to check on Minda, the room remained totally silent…
A little passed midnight, a faint slurping noise slowly began to break the silence of the room. The noise grew louder slowly before turning into a slimy plop as the creature squeezed through the gap in the wall and landed onto the concrete floor. The head of the creature was almost skull-like in appearance; the reminisce of some kind of meat eater, the fangs quite apparent. The body was the size of a mastiff and was encased in rather slimy scales; tentacles that once belonged to an octopus pulled the creature closer, the mouth opening and closing hungrily.
It moved very slowly as not to make a sound to wake its prey; the small and still sleeping child that had evaded it for some nights by a high pitched scream that called another bigger creature with purple fur. This time it was alone, and had not woken up.
The creature raised its long appendages and opened its waiting jaws as it approached, ready to snatch the creature when a low and rather terrifying rumble shook it to its core. Two glowing reddish orbs were suddenly hanging in the air just beside its prey, staring it down; a rancid smell of death alerted it to a much larger predator.

Fafnir remained lying down, growling slowly louder as she stared agitatedly at the creature that had made itself known at last. Her ears had seen to alert her to the second the creature had entered the room; for several nights she had heard the creature slipping around in the piping, a faint smell that lingered in nearly all the rooms had led her in circles around the lower floors for days. And here it was; it had been stalking Minda the whole time!
She tensed her muscles and shifted slowly, ready to spring; the movement woke Minda and she screamed loudly as she spotted the creature in the middle of the room, "MONSTER!!!!!"
Fafnir was up the second the creature made for its hole in the wall, catching it just as it slipped its head into its hole, immediately it was thrashing and fighting to free itself from Fafnir's snarling jaws as Minda continued to scream terrified.

Greed had bolted down the stairs in a heartbeat when he had heard Minda scream, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!?" Greed yelled as he slammed the door open and against the wall, flipping the light on as he did so.
He froze at the sight of Minda sitting almost calmly on her mat as he burst into the room, smiling as she pointed at Fafnir.
Greed looked into the corner in time to see a thick reddish black tentacle vanish, still twitching, down the tyrannosaurs' throat. Fafnir looked straight at Greed and gave a loud burp of finality, "Fafnir ate the monster." Minda declared.
"Son of a bitch…." Greed muttered, eyes wide.


"GRAPE!" Minda squealed happily as she entered the room.
Cody immediately hugged her little sister and snuggled her, "Hey Minda!" She said excitedly, "I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry. I didn't mean to be gone for two nights… How are you? Are you ok?" Minda nodded happily, "Good! Did you have fun?" she asked somewhat wearily.
Minda nodded again, "Yup. Mr.Shark tooth let me play with him upstairs and taught me to play poke-er."
Cody raised an eyebrow as Greed strode up behind Minda and looked at Cody, "He did huh?"
Greed shrugged, "Kid's got talent in it too…." He said recalling she had actually beaten everyone at the game last night.
Minda nodded, "And he let me sleep with him."
Cody's jaw could have well hit the floor as she looked up in shock at the homunculus. Greed scratched at his nose absentmindedly, "Ahem… yeah… she kinda did…." Greed shifted and laughed faintly as Cody continued to stare at him, "In her own room… I didn't want another repeat of the first night." He turned to walk away to end the awkward moment, "Oh and Cody? Seal up that crack in your room… Minda's monster could squeeze through that. Just in case there might be more."
Cody stood up, "Minda's monster? You saw it!?"
"Weell…. Not entirely…" Minda suddenly ran away from Cody and rushed to meet Fafnir, who was coming up the stairs, laughing as Fafnir began licking her, much to Cody's disbelief, "You have Fafnir to thank for that. She ate the damn thing; Now Minda and Fafnir are friends."
Cody just stood in disbelief as she stared at the proof as Minda rode Fafnir completely unafraid, and then came up to the two, "Mr. Shark tooth? Can Fafnir play poke-er later tonight with us?"
Greed laughed, "I guess…If I get beaten by a dinosaur though, I'm gonna give you sister a "get-out-of-work-for-a-freaking-month" free card."

Greed was true to his word.
This story was completely based off of this [link] by :icondevilnestlover:
How? Not a real clue... Fafnir was suddenly behind Minda after i saw this pic, and then i made the pic, and the pic was accompanied by this. Cogs in my head folks....cogs in my head...:D
Actually... the story was based off her old idea that Minda was originally supposed to stay with her sis, but she decided against it. Here's a idea of what could have happened in my fanfic of her fanfic. In reality, she never meets Fafnir or Renagade and vise versa.
Please enjoy spark of a moment work.:D
Close up of pic: [link]

Minda and (implied Alex) is a :icondevilnestlover:
Story, Fafnir and (implied Renagade) are :iconRenagadeRexRider
All other characters and names pertaining to FMA belong to their respected owner.
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