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Been forever

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 3, 2015, 10:13 PM
Since i did a journal for myself.

So i guess this is a good time to do so. :P

First off, life has been all over the place! i got a new job at Lowes which is a really cool place to work:) Although not far in hour cuts got us all kinda down... so yay...

We FINALLY got the roof up!!:iconexplodelaplz: It took several months due to everything from weather and simple lack of time to do it. With a little help from my bro and nephew it's up, and now the gutting of the house itself begins! (which is proving miserable to my allergies...=.=; )

On that, my Niece and Nephew have moved in and it seems to be an extended stay until their dad gets a house.. i don't mind really, they are cool:D

A bit of bittersweet news is that my dog Coco got very sick.:( turns out she has a liver and kidney infection and we came close to losing her. But thanks to our Vet she's back on track... although she is having extreme difficulty walking. We think she has injured a disk or something. but overall she's trying to play, eating. God is goodCling to the Cross emote :D ( ............O.O Coco is asleep with her eyes open e.e it's scary...)

About two weeks ago now i got a surprise trip to Corpus Cristi! :D Man that was a blast! Originally we were supposed to go to a Family Reunion... but things got garbled, time was bad... so instead i got to spend time with mom and Dad and visit the Blue Ghost aka the Battleship Lexington and Aquarium:D While there i got to feed Gulls, saw wild dolphins (beautiful animal:D) and even caught a jellyfish in my hat:XD: (i wanted to touch one... they feel kinda like a superball:3) My first visit to anything remotely large water mass...was amazing. If you ever visit, check out Pier 99. AWESOME food, and do not shy from the fish. it's a house specialty you won't regret!the biggest eater

Now onto.........other news.

Well as a few of you know i've been on a MK snap so a lot of my work has been that an not other stuff i should have done by now. :XD:

That... and a majority of my work had a very tragic accident in the form of a destroyed thumb drive. Sadly to say... it's all gone. And by the looks of it, it's not coming back. RAGE

To prevent a complete wrathful rant on journal over something that was completely irreplaceable and precious to me just know that i am completely engulfed in rage.....for the past several months to the point i just threw my hands up an said FUCK it. (four years of work and character sheets, all of my Anthropoid data...GONEAY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) )    which is why a lot of the work like my Nuzlocke and otherwise went completely off the grid. TT_TT i had literally been too upset to focus on anything, especially when i got the drive that i was hoping to have repaired back in WORSE shape than i sent it... i just for lack of a better term felt like shit. Too angry and upset to give a damn.

WELL! now i think i'm about over it and am moving on.... SADLY my nuzlocke is not going to be the same... because from here on out it's gonna be hand drawn pencil~wink grin  Mostly because my comp has gotten to that age where things like my PS can and DOES crash it... so BLEH.:icongrumpplz:

But! it IS about to have a comeback;) But don't expect it too soon... house construction has hit a head and has disrupted my draw time. If nothing else i'll be working on mostly things like BKR! story work until things settle into norm. But in the meantime... i'm getting back into the groove, but know i am cooking up something May Wink Icon

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Chap. 18 Uncertain, but Here

Despite the morning starting off as more or less normal, Ryou found himself facing a somewhat increasing dread as he finished making breakfast, his white haired company still sitting on the couch with his sharp eyes trained on him in a manner that brought the image of a hungry wolf to mind. But it was not directly the Thief that posed the sensation, but rather the day itself…

Ryou sighed as he set down a plate of pancakes on the table and looked at his company giving him his trademark friendly smile, though a bit awkwardly, making pointed gestures as he spoke carefully, “Breakfast is ready. Here is yours.”

The Thief, as he expected, remained where he was, arms crossed over his chest and looked to have no thoughts of moving. But Rou simply poured a glass of orange juice and slid it in front of the plate, smiling once more before turning to see to his own breakfast. He had been to school without eating a few times, and it was never pleasant, especially when he was stressed…which unfortunately was already looking to be that way.

Akefia for a long moment remained as he was, a scowl more or less finding its way onto his face. He had expected his food be brought to him, but as it was looking the boy expected him to get it himself. Watching the boy do whatever a moment longer, his own hunger won out on the promise of a full belly and got up to find what looked like flat bread and a square of what appeared to be butter melting away on top. Hardly enough to do anything for the item as a whole, but with a twitch of his mouth he opted to just take what he could get.

For the moment, he opted to remain in the kitchen and rather noisily dragged out the chair and took a seat. Taking up the fork that was provided he tore a piece off the bread and popped it in his mouth, and as he expected, found it dry and tasteless… he’d have preferred eggs. But again, he’d had worse and continued.

Ryou, done making his own pancakes, turned and looked to the Thief who was currently and rather boredly eating away slowly at a dry pancake. The fact made him grin a bit and shake his head, “You know… it would taste better if you ate it with this.” he offered as he took up a bottle, motioning the Thief to pay attention, “Syrup. It’s real good.” He said as he drizzled the golden brown liquid onto the pancake.

Akefia paused his chewing to watch the display, his brow furrowing slightly as he did. Once the boy put it down and pushed it to him, he gave him a glancing look before he took up the bottle and looked it over, soon following the boy’s example. The Thief quickly found the dish to be greatly improved and ate accordingly, the boy virtually forgotten.

Ryou gave a soft amused snort at the switch and continued eating quietly in his own corner of the table, barely taking note he was actually sharing a table with his former Yami as he pondered over the coming day… it would be eventful. That much was certain…

Blinking as he finished his meal he looked to the clock on the wall and hummed. If he didn’t leave, he’d be late, and that was something he was keenly wanting to avoid at the moment. He quickly rinsed his plate before turning back to the Thief, “I have to go to school now.” Walking passed him with a still present hesitance he took up his bag and pointed to the bag, “School. I will be back later. Ok?”

Akefia gulped down the last of his pancake and looked to the boy as he spoke and frowned in understanding. Today he was to be gone. Though he’d have liked that thought, he found it to his distinct disliking… for the moment at least. He was still hungry.

“You are not to leave until I find my satisfaction.” He snapped, his voice not withholding his displeasure as he pointed at his empty plate, “More.”

Ryou stalled at Akefia’s commanding tone and blinked a few times as the Thief gestureed and found himself staring. Despite thinking the fact, actually seeing the Thief’s expectation that he was to provide at his whim sent a bristling shudder through his frame, “I’m sorry… I don’t have the time. I have to go.”

Akefia blinked and felt an irritated bristle run through his frame, one that was not exactly his. And it was one he was readily familiar with; Objection to servitude. It was enough to make him pause and quirk a brow at the fact, but still it no less dampened his hunger and he looked square at the boy, “I said more.”

Ryou felt another surge of irritation, one he was unsure if it was his own mixed with a clear annoyance that he was certain wasn’t his. As a moment he found himself stumped; Akefia was unlikely to take no for an answer, and although he could readily leave he did not want to give the Thief any reason for spite for more than one reason…

Ryou felt himself sigh a length. It really did not take but a minute… And it wasn’t a heavy meal, “Alright. But I am going to make just ONE more and then I need to go. Ok?” He said slowly, making firm hand gestures as he did so to enforce his words.

Akefia blinked at the display as well as listened, mouth twitching in still present agitation at being spoken to as an idiot. But regardless of his thoughts to the matter it seemed to be proving effective enough. From what he could tell the boy was making a barter; one more flat bread for his immediate release afterward.

The taste still lingering on his tongue urged the desire for far more than that, but in honesty he had made due with worst deals in his time. That and as he thought further on the matter, he could make due without the nagging that would likely follow from the Ishtars should the instance of attempting to force the boy’s hand come up later on. With a flare of his nostrils he huffed and tapped his fingers on the table before grunting irately with a nod and head jerk to the kitchen.

Ryou sighed and quickly set to work, and in no time was sprinting out the door before the Thief could stop him again, barely recalling to lock it before rushing to catch up with his lost few minutes.

To his great relief, he arrived to school on time with a few minutes to spare and no shortness of breath. Adjusting his school uniform he headed in, feeling a smile tug at his lips despite himself as a few students greeted his return. With a sigh he sat beneath a tree as he awaited the bell, rummaging through his bag to ensure he had everything, which to his relief he did. But still a nagging twinge prodded him, made worse as he heard the rumble of a motorcycle.

Turning his head, the silverette spotted the vehicle in a heartbeat as it parked, two riders getting off. Ryou perked some as the first rider off removed her helmet, revealing Anzu as she shook out her developing hat hair as she turned to the driver. Ryou gave a small smile and wave as Malik caught sight of him and the two riders made their way towards him, Anzu in a partial run. Ryou was then greeted with a very warm, and needed, hug from the brunette.

“Ryou! It’s so good to see you back! How are you?” Anzu questioned happily as she observed the faintly blushing boy in front of her, as if in concern that he’d been harmed somehow.

“It is good to see you too Anzu.” Ryou began with a smile, “I am doing…quite well actually.”

Malik, who had been standing beside Anzu immediately took note of the hitch in his words and eyed him carefully, gauging if there was something hidden thee. But getting a smile from Ryou, who noted his look, he accepted the statement… for the moment.

“I had a wonderful time actually….” Ryou continued, his anxiety slowly welling up inside as he felt his thoughts of what he was to explain later rearing up. His time after all had not been as rosy as his words seemed to be painting. He honestly was not feeling ready for saying anything just yet, “I’ll tell you about it during lu-ACK!”

“RYOU!! There ya are! Had us worried sick! Good to see ya!” Jonouchi exclaimed as he gave the startled silverette a noogie, effectively tussling his hair.

“Jonouchi?!” Ryou exclaimed, squirming under the affection before the blonde boy decided to release him, allowing him to look at the beaming boy, beside him two other , “Honda! Yugi!”

“Hey Ryou. Good to have you back!” Honda replied offering bro fist, which Ryou returned.

“Wow… that’s. Quite the welcome.” Ryou managed as he looked at his friends, genuinely touched by their excitement.

Yugi replied with a bright smile, “Well what did you expect? You’re our friend.” His smile turned into one of concern as he knit his brows together questioningly, “We were really worried about you Ryou.”

Ryou felt his smile waver and look down, “I didn’t mean too… and I’m sorry.”

Honda looked Ryou over before shrugging, “We forgive ya Ryou… But I think we’d all like a little info.”

“Yeah. What gives??” Jonouchi asked, eager to hear the tale of why the silverette had bailed so unceremoniously.

Ryou stalled, not entirely ready to explain when, to his great relief, the bell rang loudly. He sighed and smiled at his friends, “Well there’s the bell… We’d better get going.” He smiled a bit, “I’ll tell you all about it during lunch… Ok?”

The small group of friends looked at one another, Anzu and Yugi exchanging particularly worried looks at an underlying tone, but overall looked back to him and nodded, “Alright. We look forward to that then.” Yugi said with a smile, “See ya then Ryou.”

Ryou waved as the group split in their separate ways, exhaling a shaky sigh… He really hoped that things would go smoothly.

Anzu watched as Ryou turned a corner before looking to Malik who was walking along beside her, “Is he really ok?”

Malik hummed and looked back, “Honestly… I’m not really sure.” He looked at her and smiled to lessen the concern in her eyes, “But he will be. Don’t worry.”

Anzu hummed and nodded acceptingly before waving him as they too split ways…

Time seemed to drag the whole four periods through. All the while Ryou found himself glancing at the clock anxiously all the while almost cursing the fact the time would move at all. Late work turned in relieved some portion of the teen’s stress, more at the fact that the classes focused more time to quiet reading left his mind more or less free to worry over the encroaching class period.

In truth, he could not entirely pin his fear… despite having not been strictly part of the group during his time adorning the Ring, he had still been fairly close to the group, made more so after the events in Egypt. So much in fact they even called him by his first name! They even worried about him… So why was this proving so nerve wracking?

Only one dark little thought made itself known… They’d fear him…

The sharp shriek of the bell sent a chill through him as he gathered his things, slinging his pack over his shoulder as he took a deep breath, ‘Here I go…’ he thought slowly.

Exiting the classroom Ryou made his way to the cafeteria amongst the mess of students bustling eagerly to get to their long awaited promised meals; something that for the first time in months was furthest from Ryou’s mind.

Regardless, the silverette took a breath and retrieved his tray before he unconsciously made his way to the table he had a long time back designated as his own.


Ryou stalled at the call of his name and blinked looking around before matching the voice to the tall brunette behind him, “Oh. Hello Honda.”

Honda smiled a bit at Ryou, his brow quirked, “Hello yourself. Where you going? Table’s that way remember?”

Ryou blinked and looked to where he was going, blinking as he saw a few students already laughing and eating away at the table he once sat and hummed, “Oh… sorry. I guess I was out of it.”

Honda chuckled a bit, “Seems like it. Come on. The others are still in line, but they’ll be over in a few.”

“Alright.” Ryou replied as he followed his friend to their table, setting his things down before almost absentmindedly picking at his food, a notion not unnoticed by Honda who knit his brows together in concern as he slowly popped a slice of salisbury into his mouth.

The pair did not need to wait long before the rest of the group began arriving. Jonouchi and Yugi side by side, the former sporting a notably large ration of food as the latter shook his head, “Seriously Jonouchi… missing breakfast does not mean you’re gonna starve or something…”

“Hey! I gotta have my daily eats Yugi. I miss one, I gotta make it up. And come on… Extra mashed potatoes… who would pass up that opportunity??” Jonouchi retorted as they headed to their table. He paused as he noticed Ryou already sitting with Honda, “Ryou! Early to the table today!” He grinned as he sat and nudged him with his elbow, “Eager to tell us your adventure? Eh?”

Ryou couldn’t help but smile a bit at the affection, but he couldn’t help but feel his smile came out awkwardly, “Y-yeah. I guess so.” He managed, “It’s… something.”

Yugi sat down and hummed as he looked at Ryou, “You alright Ryou?”

Ryou blinked, inwardly thinking the opposite of his words, “Yeah. Just… A few things on my mind is all…eheh.”

Yugi blinked and tilted his head, “Oh… well anything we can help with?” He offered with a happy smile.

“Yeah. You’re our bud, Just ask.” Jonouchi said between bites, Honda sharing the notion.

Ryou felt himself shift inwardly, unsure given the content and hummed, “Thanks guys…” he paused and looked around, “Where’s Malik and Anzu?”

Yugi shrugged a bit, “You know how they’ve been since they started dating. They’ll probably be a while with their last class.” He smiled, curiosity clear on his face, “So while we wait… would you mind filling us in? I’m sorry but… we’re really, really curious.”

Ryou blinked at the question and the return agreeing comments from the other two males, momentarily feeling a sweeping sensation through him again before he gulped. Best to simply let it out… the sooner the better. Besides, he thought, they were his friends. Why should he be afraid to tell them?

“Alright… I suppose now is as good a time as any.” Ryou said slowly before taking a breath, mind stalling a bit as the group shifted attentively to listen. Biting his lip a moment he racked his brains over how to begin, “Well… You see… This all started a few weeks back with my father, who you know works as an excavator and curator of the museum.” He got a uniform nod, “Well… A few weeks ago he found a new ruin in Egypt. An old town…”

Ryou paused as he spotted the platinum blonde hair of Malik as he and Anzu emerged from the lunch line and made their way to the table.

“Hey everyone!  Sorry for the wait… the usual.” Anzu began before looking to Ryou, “You haven’t started yet have you?”

“You’re just in time. Ryou was just telling us about a new Ruin his dad discovered out in Egypt.” Honda relayed as she and Malik took their seats.

“Oh cool! Malik told me about that part…” Anzu began before looking on curiously, motioning for him to continue, “Go ahead. I’ve been eager to hear this…”

Ryou smiled a bit as he glanced at Malik who, despite smiling, wore an expectant look that made him sigh a bit. But he continued as he nodded, “Well… like I said. He found this old town out in the desert, it had been virtually buried out there, in fact, it was a sandstorm that hinted him to it even being there. It was mostly built into a rockface, and he worked from there.  Well. While excavating he found it housed an old ritual chamber that had been sealed for some few thousand years…”

Jonouchi hummed, “A lot of that out there. Haha.”

Ryou gave a mild smile to the comment as he continued, “Yes… As you can imagine he was excited for this discovery… but once he opened it, he found something unexpected inside…” as was expected, he saw the group shift attentively as if expecting a bombshell, he swallowed and continued, “He found a large temple… and in it he found a man, and he was still alive.”

A look of profound surprise swept the faces of the males of the group, save Malik, and Anzu who had more or less heard of this but no less sat interestedly.

“There was a man still in there?” Yugi questioned, “Was it a tombkeeper??”

Ryou felt his mouth twist into an awkward smile as the group briefly glanced at Malik, “Erm… not… exactly… We still don’t know exactly how he got in there… but he was barely alive when they found him.” he paused and shifted uncomfortably, “And he’s… actually the reason I went to Egypt…”

There was a distinct pause amongst the group at the information, the group exchanging a look as Ryou continued before he could be interrupted, “You see… they got him out of the Temple and took him to the hospital… but when they got him healthy enough to speak… it turns out he couldn’t speak any modern language... He could only speak Ancient Egyptian.”

That sentence paused any eating that was still going on as they all looked at one another. That had obviously gotten their attention, “My father is really good at ancient Egypt and stuff… but as you know that dialect is more or less extinct and even he does not know how to speak it. So he called me to get in touch with Ishizu.” A glance was passed to Malik who looked on expectantly as Ryou took a drink to settle himself. This was it.

“Well… during one of the calls Father finally got around to describing this man. And… Well. His name is Akefia…” he started slowly, heart racing, “The reason he spoke only ancient Egyptian is because he- he’s 5000 years old…”

That definitely dropped a few jaws, and Ryou could only grin timidly as he watched their eyes grow as wide as saucers, the news, despite its context, unbelievable.

“5000 years old?!” Yugi exclaimed, “Like… from the time of Atem old?! And he was still alive?! That’s…. impossible!”

“Man the guy must look like a skeleton!” Honda commented, making Ryou’s mouth twitch. That was not far from the truth as a moment, though not as bad as it had been.

Anzu was looking at Malik as if he’d give answers but he simply looked back telling her he was more than aware, and the look he bore also made her frown uncertainly. Slowly she looked to her snow haired friend, “Erm… Ryou… this is amazing and all… but… what did it have to do with you leaving so suddenly?”

Ryou felt their gazes lock onto him and he gulped as they awaited his response, “W-well… I… Well… Sigh….  You have to understand that I panicked. Father was talking to me about this man, and honestly beyond his language I didn’t think much of it. But then he mentioned that he reminded him of me.”

“Say wha-?” Jonouchi managed, summing up everyone’s thoughts.

“Akefia… he has white hair… and. He was found wearing a red cloak and gold.” Ryou managed slowly. He felt his hair bristle increasingly as Yugi’s confused expression turned into one of slow understanding.

“Ryou… you don’t mean that it’s…The Thief King?” Yugi managed stiffly. His eyes constricted and tensed as Ryou slowly nodded his head, “No…how??” he gasped in horror. They had destroyed that evil! How was it back?!

“I don’t know really… I didn’t believe it myself at first. I just panicked. I needed to know if it was so I… I left to see him with my own eyes. There’s no denying it. It is him.” Ryou said slowly.

Honda, eyes hard in condern, ran a hand through his hair with a heavy sigh, “Oh man… one of the baddest of the bad! What did you have to say about this? Seriously, isn’t that something the Tombkeepers handle?” he asked turning his attention to the so far silent Egyptian.

All eyes fell on Malik as he shifted to sit straight, eyes closed a moment as he spoke, “Yes. This was most certainly something that I and my siblings looked to immediately. You know as well as I do what such a thing could likely mean.” He looked up to the group, “We gauged this carefully, and to its own credit, we are still carefully keeping an eye on it.”

“Whoa! Hold up. You mean he’s still alive??” Jonouchi more or less blurted upon that comment, earning a slight quirk of the brow from Malik.

“Yes. He is. More or less… but believe me, I have serious reservations about him, make no mistake… But so far, other than obvious blood rival issues, there has been little else to pose threats.” He reported, which seemed to ease the group, if only a little.

“That’s a relief…” Anzu commented with a sigh before looking back to Ryou, “That must have been terrifying for you though! I’d never think you’d just go like that!”

“Yeah man! That took guts! Takin your fear head on like that! You’re just full of surprises eh Ryou?” Jonouchi said with a broad grin and thumbs up, genuinely impressed by the action despite the momentary freak out.

As his friends spoke, Ryou felt himself going more and more stiff as they all turned their attention to Malik, “So what are you going to do with him? Is there going to be someone from your clan watching him now?” Yugi asked.

Malik sighed, “I considered it... but then I had to remember that my clan is still distinctly… old fashioned… even with my order there could be no preventing some form of execution in my absence. And considering my sister’s gentle heart and care she put into aiding him prior to our finding out his identity, I myself was unable to allow such a thing if but for her sake.”

There was a long moment of silence as the group attempted to absorb that information when Honda spoke up, his voice holding a distinct tone of apprehension, “Ok. Hold it… If your clan isn’t watching him. Then where is this guy?”

Anzu looked at Malik suddenly, tensing as a look crossed his face her voice beginning to strain as she spoke, “Malik… he’s not staying with you is he…?”

“No…” a faint voice said, cutting Malik off, drawing hers and the other’s attention back to Ryou as he stared down at the table, face visibly tense as the words slipped out, “He’s staying with me.”

The reaction was immediate. Jaws dropped, Anzu gasped clasping a hand over her mouth and Jonouchi was on his feet in seconds hands up in a show that he was done as he walked off saying “Whoa!” loudly. All the while Ryou felt himself shrinking in on himself as the group began gushing out objections and questions as to why he’d done such a thing.

“Ryou, are you nuts?!” Honda exclaimed, “Why would you even… He’s THAT GUY. The guy who nearly killed us all and the whole WORLD!”

These and several other comments he had well foreseen but no less was able to brace for came in what felt like a torrent. Each being something that he himself had been grappling with, and as a moment was being forced to combat again. Inwardly he felt as if his world was collapsing; was their trust breaking? Were they mad? Was he about to lose his friends over this? An insane decision he’d made?!

“Guys! GUYS!! Calm down!” A surprisingly firm voice ordered. Looking up, Ryou was surprised to see Yugi standing as if to impose his own words. The others seemed just as surprised, but slowly backed off as he looked at them evenly, “As weird as it may be… I’m sure Ryou has a good reason…” he smiled reassuringly at his surprised friend, “Care to let us in?”

Ryou simply stared at Yugi dumbstruck… Almost unable to comprehend what he’d just heard as his heart pounded away.

Yugi’s smile faded only slightly at the look, “Come on Ryou… we’re your friends. We’re just really concerned is all. We’re not angry or anything…”

Jonouchi, who had since came back having gotten whatever burst of shock out of his immediate system, looked at Ryou with his arms crossed, “He’s right man. This is a lot to take in… a LOT. The Thief King back is one thing, but being around you is kinda something else. With all that’s happened in the past with that guy… we’re really just upset for your sake. Ya’know?”

“Sorry we snapped like that… it startled us is all…” Anzu offered sincerely.

Ryou gulped and looked to his friends as they all gave a uniform look that said they were not upset with him, but simply worried. The fact made him exhale in profound relief, a massive amount of his initial anxiety gone, “You have no idea how much that meant…Thanks guys.” he managed, earning a nod from the group.

He then took a deep breath and nodded feeling surer of himself, “Before anything be said… I chose to let Akefia stay with me. I thought it best for a lot of reasons… Mostly because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go…Being he and Malik did not exactly get along. So… his stay is going to be temporary until we find something else.”

This response seemed to set the group a bit more at ease as Ryou took a breath and continued, “I don’t expect you all to understand… but Akefia is a lot different than we saw him in the Millennium World. At least… from what I can tell.” He looked up at his friends who looked back with confusion, “I just… I need you to trust me when I say I’m ok. I know it doesn’t make sense, especially considering that it’s me in this situation. But...” he shifted as he thought of the Thief’s different gaze, his strange emotions and the underlying prodding in the back of his mind, “I just… I needed to prove to myself that there’s nothing to be afraid of with him. I wanted to get over my own fears… and… I just needed the opportunity. And so far… it’”

Ryou inwardly shrunk into himself as the others looked at him, clearly his words being lost on them, “Please… I’m just asking you to trust me is all…”

Yugi blinked, brows furrowed as he looked to the others, all of them wearing the same uncertain look, “I don’t know Ryou… this. Is kind of extreme don’t you think?”

Ryou sighed a bit, “Yes… I suppose it is… But in of itself there wasn’t a choice off the bat. And actually, the past few days I haven’t been left alone with him entirely. Malik and Ishizu have been helping out, mostly because he can’t understand a word I say,” He smiled a bit lopsidedly, “And when I AM alone… he’s normally just keeping to himself. In fact, aside from when he’s hungry, I think he just ignores me.”

“Really?” Anzu questioned, “I mean that’s a good thing… but that’s kinda weird.”

Malik hummed, “Not completely. But Ryou’s right. Aside from being obnoxious and having the social nature of an angry cobra, the Thief is actually quite harmless.” He looked at them, “Ryou is certainly not alone in this, as he said my family is keeping a sharp eye on him… not like he has much choice. Akefia knows he’s a fish out of water, and actually has no options. So for the time being he’s staying put. Like I said, I don’t like this any more than you, and I can’t emphasize how temporary this arrangement will be. Within the week I expect him to be well out of Ryou’s hair until we figure out what exactly we are going to do with him.”

Honda hummed as he leaned on the table, trying to process the information, his head in a tailspin, “Wow… this is just…. Too much…”

Anzu shifted in her seat, likewise trying to grasp the situation. Looking from Malik, who had a very firm stand on where he stood on the matter, to Ryou who in of himself looked distinctly conflicted. After a moment she hummed and looked to the silverette, “Ryou… I honestly don’t know what all is happening with this. Between how this happened and your involvement… but I suppose it’s just happened and we have to accept that.” She smiled, “And no matter what we think of it, just know that we’ll be here for you.”  

Jonouchi hummed as he plopped down once more, “Yeah, we got into the biggest event of the millennium together. And you can bet we’ll be in on this too.” He laughed, “Maybe we could all just pop over and scope this guy out huh?”

Ryou visibly paled at the idea of a large group suddenly showing up, “Please don’t….”

Malik intervened before anything else be said, “I am with Ryou on that one… the Thief will no doubt react badly to such an event. He barely puts up with the one who gave him momentary sanctuary or the only ones that can actually speak with him.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, “His reactions to everyone else usually ends up in something broken or a lot of yelling. Which believe me, he has an amazing mastery of it…”

Yugi gave a lopsided smile, “Yeah… that might go badly. But we will like to keep check with you Ryou. This is a big deal after all…”

Ryou smiled at his friends, now feeling a lot more steady than he had initially and nodded, “I’d really like that… although… for your sake Yugi… I think you best keep your distance or at least until Ishizu or Malik can explain you.” He continued as Yugi gave him a questioning look, “You… look a lot like Atem.”

Yugi paused at the comment, taken aback a moment before he hummed, “Point taken… I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jonouchi nodded, “Oh yeah. Hit that nail on the head… and considering this guy’s history, yeah that’d be a good idea.” He looked angry a moment fisting a hand, “But if he even tried I’d floor him!”

Honda, despite recalling a prior encounter with the thief likewise nodded, “Right beside ya.”

Yugi sweatdropped and laughed awkwardly, “We’ll try to avoid that… But still. Seriously Ryou. Like Anzu said, I’m sure there is a lot more to this whole thing,” he hummed as both he and Malik gave a simultaneous nod, “And I’m sure straightening this out will take more than the few minutes we have left… But we’re with you, you know?” He smiled, “Thanks for telling us Ryou… I know it must have been nerve wracking.”

Ryou perked as he listened to his friend before giving a short laugh, “You have no idea…” he gave a small amused chuckle, “And I would have had to eventually. Best now than later right?”

Jonouchi rubbed his nose, “Hey don’t sweat it. You’re good… And yeah… that might have been awkward.” He cleared his throat as a silence began to fall onto the group. Everyone looked more or less drained from the sheer shock which would no doubt take a while to actually process. Judging from Malik himself, he was already grilled.

Jonouchi hummed popping some food into his mouth before looking to Ryou, “So… this guy isn’t wreaking havoc. What’s it like livin with “the King of Thieves?”” he asked making quotes in the air.

Ryou paused at the question and thought it over, feeling a grin tug at his mouth, “Well… mostly what you’d expect. He’s grumpy, intimidating…” he hummed, “And it’s more like living with a hungry wolf. Just give him his space, and when he growls, feed him.”

There was a bit of a laugh at Ryou’s wry humor and slowly, despite a still present uncertainty, the mood lightened just enough to allow the group to finish their meal. And some minutes later, the bell sounded for them to begin their next class.
Fit for a King Chap 18
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and frankly... i am sorry that this turned out to be a  LONG recap... being that it had been so long, even i needed a refresher, and being that the group was being introduced to the fact that our Thief King had returned, it kinda called for it.

Ryou has always wanted friends, and now that he has them the last thing he wants is to lose them... so with the Thief King back he has an inward fear that this could cause a rift between them, especially considering his friendship with them was the least strongest :(

Thankfully, Yugi and the others can  overlook this for the most part for many reasons.

Sadly, Lunch period is not long enough to remotely cover what all is happening, so this kinda left off rather trying... but not to worry. Things will get better;)

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