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Renagade the Rex Rider
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Those of you new here, I'm Renagade:D
I love to draw and write stories after countless hours of daydreaming and RP:lol:

Mostly i enjoy drawing Dinosaurs (like my beloved Fafnir:heart: and Fanart ranging from Avatar to Zim. Mostly Anime and more recently DC Characters from Batman. My current Fixation is The CREEPER:heart: I love rooting the underdogs~

All Posted Artwork in my gallery is ©*RenagadeRexRider*
except of course All fanart characters Poke/Digimon/FMA/YuGiOh/DC/ ect belong to respected owners.

My Best Buds here on DA:iconbigheartplz:((I recommend you to check them out~;)))



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And for little bit info you might want...
Current Residence: The swamp in the desert
Favourite genre of music: Instrumental and occasional Pop or Rock (hard rock sometimes but not often)
Favourite photographer: My mom.
Favourite style of art: Oil, comic and whimsical
Shell of choice: ...........Ammonite?
Favourite cartoon character: Thief King Akefia and Ryou Bakura, The Ishtars and Yugi, Batman, The Creeper:love:
Personal Quote: Fall in a rut and can't get out... don't. Take it as a new perspective and work with it.

Best Friends

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 7:02 PM

Well this weekend was certainly a memorable one, and one i thought deserved and demanded a journal:XD:

One of my best friends ever :iconmiss-dnl: came to visit for the first time to hang out:D And what a weekend it was:lol: She attended the first Comic Con panel that has come to our city and the turnout was awesome~

She, my friend Flo and i enjoyed art booths, figurines, voice actors including (i can't remember his name atm^^;) the guy who played Goku, tcg's and D&D gameplays, and COSPLAY GALORE :XD: (i dressed as Lingreed and DNL dressed as an AWESOME Sub Zero~). there was an epic variety of cosplay and even got pics of MK fights with a Raiden, little Scorpion and Baraka:XD: There were so many people that i think another con is in the future~

:lol: but the real thing was hangin out at home with DNL and Flo where we played a nonstop MK9 marathon:XD: was AWESOME....even though i sucked royally:XD: that led to some crazy banter in the matchups:lol:

Otherwise we talked about various games, comics, oc works and stuff and even got to watch Steven Universe together along with a couple of MKC vids which were actually pretty cool despite obvious budget issues.

I even got to attend a bridal shower for another friend of mine and am now a cake server at a wedding next month. YAY~

The time was well had and i enjoyed it. and i hope that in the future we can do something again.:D (which we will..... we have a date with the greatest Park on earth;))

Thanks guys for an AWESOME time. :iconsweethugplz: You guys are the best:tighthug:

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Chapter 19- Game, Set, Match

Immediately the Battle Box flared with light and the digital ping as the life point counter came to life signaling the duel to begin. Bandit Keith chuckled as he drew his card and smirked at his silver haired opponent, “Alright then! I summon Pendulum Machine in attack mode!”
//Pendulum Machine: Attack:1750 Defense:2000//

Immediately a medieval-esque machine adorning a swinging ax blade appeared on the field, its glowing eyes fixing on its opponent who stared back semi composedly, the unseen spectator within the ring likewise observing their opponent with a judging gaze, the creature of some interest,

“Interesting… He uses literal machines of war. This ought to pose some challenge.” He muttered rather dully, their cocky opponent of vague concern to the specter. Akefia restrained an amused scoff as Keith crossed his arms and smirked condescendingly at the Boy, the spectacle not even worth a snort coming from a puppet of all things. That thought made a shudder of irritation pulse through his core, the night’s evens urged the desire to crush the worthless insect that much more… Glancing at the Boy’s current hand, Akefia hummed amusedly, the hand already showing some favor.

‘Yes, Machine cards are well known to be tough both in offense and defense. What’s more is magic attacks have no effect, but that won’t be much trouble.’ Ryou replied to the spirit as Keith smirked condescendingly at him ending his turn. Ryou drew and gave his hand a passing glance before making his selection, “I play one card facedown and one monster face down in defense mode.” Ryou declared, his side of the field flashing momentarily as the cards went into play, “I end my turn.”

Behind his sunglasses Keith eyed the cards somewhat lazily knowing the little rat was likely trying to bait him, ‘Card probably has a special ability… Heh, whatever.’ He thought mockingly, whatever he was trying to do it didn’t matter, he was dueling Bandit Keith! “Pendulum Machine, attack that monster! Turn it into dog food! Splitting Death Blade!”

On command and a flash of the eyes, the machine charged forward and reached down with its clawed servos yanking a rather ferocious looking brown, hairy monster from its hiding place, the swinging ax beneath its chasee coming down in one clean and destructive sweep, the hapless creature known as Sangan dispersing immediately, its master resisting the resulting blowback by merely squinting his eyes before reaching for his deck.

“Sangan’s ability allows me to put a monster with less than 1500 attack into my hand.” Ryou declared as he shifted through his stack of cards, pausing as he made his selection and added his Headless Knight to his hand. The spirit in the Ring smirked as he saw the card,

“Ah~ I see~. Well… that demonic little furball proved very useful~” Akefia commented. Already the boy was gaining ground rather well, and if things went to plan this duel would be over in minutes...

Keith simply laughed as the predicted effect came and went, his machine returning to his side, “Heh, just another monster to destroy~. I end my turn.”

Ryou swallowed as he began his turn. This was where things would start to heat up and possibly become delicate. Glancing up at Keith he reminded himself that although Keith was a thug, he knew how to duel. He hadn’t made it through tournaments for nothing. Drawing his card he shook it off, he could not let doubt creep in, there was far too much riding on this duel, “I play Headless Knight in defense mode!” on command, the specter appeared on the field kneeling down as its master placed down yet another card, the field giving a faint glow just behind it, “One more card face down and I end my turn.” Ryou felt himself tense inwardly when he noticed Keith’s expression alter ever so slightly… was he suspicious?

‘Come on….attack!’ he thought stiffly as Keith continued to gaze at the field in obvious thought.

Up on the balcony, Ryou’s company watched on tensely as their white haired companion played defense after defense. The group looked on puzzled, was something wrong? A bad hand perhaps? Jonouchi eyed the field and Ryou carefully as if trying to spot some form of hint, “I don’t get it… he’s not fighting back… Before he just kept attacking in the duel with the Labyrinth brothers…”

Arms folded across his chest, Yami too looked on at the silverette in curiosity, searching his face for any sign of faltering. In fact he could see some, but it was only a cautious falter, ‘What are you up to Ryou…?’

Keith glanced the field over once more and then chuckled. He knew what the runt was doing, what a newb, “I see what you’re up to. Want to summon that Necrofear of yours huh? Well I won’t make it painless! I play the magic card Stop Defense!” Ryou blinked as his Headless Knight suddenly stood back up, readying to do battle, “Your monsters can no longer defend! Next I summon Launch Spider!”
//Launch Spider: Attack:2200 Defense: 2500//

Keith smirked broadly as a large mechanoid spider appeared on the field, “Take aim and send him back to the grave!”

On his command a pair of twin missile launchers adorning the spider’s back locked on its hapless target and fired, reducing the Knight to smoldering bits, Ryou’s lifepoints dropping upon its death.
Ryou: //LP 1250//

Akefia watched the move blankly and with some mild twinge of annoyance when the cocky fool had managed to force their defense out, the following damage being more or less insulting, “Well…. He attacked. And now we have a tough shelled insect on the field.”

Ryou could hear the irritation lacing the Thief’s voice, possibly over having taken damage first and truthfully it was a bit dampening, ‘Yeah…’ glancing at his cards he shook it off, it was still too early to waver but still, ‘I need to draw Necrofear if this is to work…’ drawing his card he blinked at his near literal fortune as a grinning greed pot came into his hand, “I play Pot of Greed.” With that, said jar appeared briefly on the field before just as immediately shattering allowing Ryou to draw twice more. Ryou almost immediately felt a shift in the Thief’s demeanor as they both observed the cards.

Grinning widely in the Ring Akefia felt himself thrill as he observed not only Necrofear, but his own Ka, “Ah~ A perfect hand~” looking back across the field at Keith with a grin that could not be taken as so much gleeful as malicious, he could only imagine what could be done with the two creatures. Still, he knew the scum was rather clever, ‘But I don’t doubt he’s being cautious… he knows what the Boy is aiming for… how will he brace I wonder?’ Akefia’s mouth twitched, one poor move and things could go bad quickly. He’d made due with much worse scenarios, but then again… he had never had to play by rules at the time…

‘Perfect!” Ryou thought to himself, likewise sharing the Thief’s elation, luck was certainly with him! Still he wasn’t about to let himself get reckless, ‘Now… I can’t play any low level monsters or risk losing a lot of Life Points.’ Taking a card from his hand he laid it down on the field, “I play Earl of Demise in attack mode!” in a flash of light, a limp statured zombie in tattered noble clothing appeared on the field gripping a gleaming blade, “I end my turn.”
//The Earl of Demise: attack:2000 Defense: 700//

Up on the balcony, Yami’s eyes widened glimpsing Ryou’s hand, ‘Necrofear…!!!’ immediately he looked to Ryou’s facedowns and smirked, ‘Heh, Keith is walking right into a trap~’

Jonouchi however shuddered as the new monster appeared on the field, the zombie looking more realistic than needed to the blonde, “Man Bakura’s monsters are creepy…” looking again at the field, Jonouchi’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he noted that Ryou’s zombie had clear attack advantage over the Pendulum Machine, “Why didn’t he destroy the monster?”

Yami merely continued to wear a small smirk on his face as he watched the duel, “Don’t worry. Things will change soon.”

Jonouchi looked at him confused, exchanging glances with Anzu a moment before deciding that his friend knew what he was talking about and looked back to the duel as Bandit Keith spoke up,

“Nothing much to do other than attack! Launch Spider, get rid of the corps!” The spider once more locked on target and destroyed Ryou’s monster sending his life points to 1050. Keith huffed at the fact and motioned at Ryou as if daring him to hit him as his turn came to an end, “Go ahead, summon Necrofear.”

Ryou stared evenly back at Keith as he took his turn, “You asked for it… I banish the three fiends from my graveyard to summon Dark Necrofear in attack mode!” the field seemed to grow dark a moment before condensing into a black hole before the silverette, the inky form of a shadowed figure emerging from the darkness before taking form of the imposing entity who glared across at Keith.
//Dark Necrofear: Attack:2200 Defense:2800//

“I play one card facedown and end my turn.” Ryou declared as the card flashed on the board, keeping note that Keith did not appear daunted in the least…

Akefia watched as the Boy’s plan was set into effect and frowned at Keith’s cool demeanor. It was no surprise really as the Boy had used this tactic against his underlings not long before. Instinctively Akefia felt himself go somewhat rigid, “Be careful Boy… He’s got something up that sleeve of his…’

Ryou nodded in response, his thoughts well on the same lines, ‘I know…’ he thought to him, the outcome to the duel not losing its clarity in the slightest. From within the Ring he could feel the thief growing tense, but his tenseness wasn’t weakness… in fact, it was almost inspiring. Ryou watched as Keith drew and swallowed at the grin he now sported,

“I summon Devil Zoa in defense mode.” He declared as a blue demon sporting brilliant, red finned ears appeared crouching on the field growling shallowly.
//Devil Zoa: attack:2600 Defense:1900//

“I play two cards face down and end my turn.” Glancing at his monster Keith chuckled inwardly, this monster was different from his other monsters true, but it would prove devastating. The runt wouldn’t know what hit him.

Yami observed the duel, now himself beginning to feel the weight of the duel, ‘Both of them are waiting for the other to make a move… It’ll take just one slip up to decide the outcome…’ Looking to Ryou and his already tattered life points he hoped that his strategy would prove potent.

“My move…” Ryou began as he drew, frowning as he looked up at Keith, ‘What’s he up to…? Devil Zoa doesn’t have any abilities but its attack is 2600.…’ for a moment Ryou just stared out at the field weighing his options, somewhat beginning to sweat now.

Akefia was likewise gazing out at the field at the monster and two cards in question, much reflecting the Boy’s own train of thought, ‘Obviously a trap…an effect no doubt.’ Looking to the other monsters that for the moment seemed to pose less a threat, but looking to the cards lying in wait Akefia felt himself growl irritatedly, the manner of gouging a trap not at all what he was comfortable with, ‘And yet attacking that weak as hell beast would also lay a trap… damn…’ glancing back to the Boy’s hand he felt himself smirk as Diabound seemed to gleam at him, ensuring victory as he always had, ‘One way or another we’ll make the move…’ as he thought that, he sensed the Boy make his decision and felt a distinct thrill as he took hold of the card, “I summon Diabound Kernel in attack mode!”
//Diabound Kernel: Attack:1800 Defense:1200//

“Diabound, destroy Pendulum Machine!” Ryou called as the snow white creature appeared on the field. Immediately its wings spread strongly before firing a powerful Spiral Blast at the robotic creature, destroying it instantly. Diabound resumed his battle pose with a flex of its wings, both the main head and the serpent glaring at their opponent, mirroring their master’s desire for victory as their attack grew.
//Diabound Kernel Attack:2000 Defense: 1200//

Keith merely huffed as the white rat ended his turn, “Hardly a scratch.” He retorted as his life points fell to 1950. He stared back at his opponent’s monster and tsked, that damn thing had cost him the last duel if nothing else. Destroying it now would be no small amount of satisfaction. Grinning he played his card, “I summon Barrel Dragon in attack mode!” With a metallic whirr of gears and a loud roar, a huge mechanical dragon appeared on the field sporting three large gun barrels, one of which being its own head. Keith was grinning broadly, this dragon was his own pride and joy, but not only that, it would single handedly get passed the white rat’s face down trap,
//Barrel Dragon: Attack:2600 Defense:2200//

“Haw-haha, Barrel Dragon gets one attack for each barrel! So even if one of your face downs is Dark Door this still counts as one monster attack!” Keith huffed a bit deciding to toy a bit with the runt, “There is a bit of gambling though, I don’t get to pick which head gets to attack, so your little monsters might get to live this turn,” he smirked mockingly, “Or not! Alright Barrel Dragon, Attack!”

Both Ryou and Akefia tensed as the Dragon’s gun chambers began to spin, three successive blasts erupting from the machine a thick mist covering the field briefly.

//Left: (No Target) O Hit | Middle: (Target Necrofear) O Hit | Right: (Target Diabound) X Miss//

Keith tsked irritably as Dark Necrofear was blasted of the field, not his desired target, but he supposed he’d have to make due, “Tsk, the snake lives…I end my turn.”
//Ryou: LP:650//

Ryou drew his cards and felt his pulse quicken as he set his strategy into effect, “I play Dark Sanctuary!” as the field suddenly began to darken and warp Ryou took notice of Keith’s smirk as the dark spired castle appeared on the field along with hundreds of eyes staring out at everything and everyone on the field, the spectral form of a ghost slowly drifting about the field seeking a host, “Your attack also activated a trap card. Destiny Board.” The switch was quickly noted when Keith grit his teeth as Ryou pointed upward, stiffening as he saw Necrofear glaring down at him as she leaned over a Ouija Board, a plainchant under her hand.

“What, a Ouija Board?!” he gasped.

Ryou nodded at his opponent’s clear apprehension, “Coming from the west you know a Ouija Board is used to communicate with the spirit world. Necrofear is going to spell something out, starting with D.” As he spoke, Necrofear slowly began to drag her hand across the board, pushing the plainchant over to the letter D and stopped. At this a spirit arose from the board holding the D right above her head.

Akefia began chuckling from within the Ring, remembering well the boy’s strategy concerning it, “Ah? The Board? Well now~, This duel is over one way or another.~” Fitting, he thought, the bastard was now completely helpless, now at the boy’s mercy. He grinned darkly, a mercy that would not be readily given. Glancing at Diabound he felt only a slight damper at the leniency of the modern duel’s punishments…But it would satisfy him if only a little.

Ryou felt the Thief’s excitement and felt himself grow increasingly more confident as he spoke, “In four more turns, Necrofear will spell out this word , it being D.E.A.T.H. If this word is spelled out no matter the situation, I win the duel. Next, I play De-Spell to destroy Stop Defense!” immediately the card shattered, freeing his monsters from its hold, “I summon Earthbound Spirit in defense mode.”
//Earthbound Spirit: Attack: 500 Defense:2000//

The ground of the field churned a moment before the Zombie emerged halfway from its grave, covering its head as it did so, its master not missing a beat, “Now I’ll play the Equip Card Spirit Illusion! This card creates a Doppleganger Token.”

Akefia smirked as a shadow emerged from the darkness of the field, its glowing red eyes flashing momentarily before its form began to shift… Immediately Akefia felt himself thrill as the shadow began to take an all too familiar form, the sight urging the Thief into laughter, “HAHAHAH!! That’s an interesting trick! Well played Boy!~”
//Doppleganger Diabound: Attack:2000 Defense: 1200//

Hearing the Thief’s praise, Ryou felt a smile come to his face as he addressed both him and Keith, “The Doppleganger has all the abilities of the original.” He was met with an eager sensation from the Ring, the Ka’s abilities now only made devastating. Unseen by him or the Thief, Yami stared down at the sight with an inward dread at the sight,

‘Now there are two of them…’ he shuddered and was just as quickly confused by the sensation, ‘Where’d that come from…???’ he was snapped from his thoughts when Ryou continued his turn,

“Doppleganger possesses Barral Dragon!” At his word, the dark colored mimic’s eyes flashed and in a smooth serpentine motion lunged forward at the machine, phasing easily through the creature’s armor, a shadowy aura soon seeping out of the beast, “Any monster with Diabound equipped loses half of Diabound’s original attack, so Barrel Dragon looses 900 attack points!” as he spoke a loud moaning creak was heard as the Barrel Dragon’s shoulders and head slumped with its lost strength.
//Barrel Dragon: Attack 2600->1700//

“Now, Diabound, destroy Barrel Dragon!!”

Diabound flexed its wings eagerly, giving a low guttural growl as it lunged forward and up, the curling churn of energy radiating from its center before launching in a powerful Spiral Blast at the weakened mechanoid which was immediately blown to bits, much to Bandit Keith’s rage as his Life Points fell.
//Bandit Keith LP:1600//
//Diabound: Attack:2000->2200//

“I end my turn.”

Akefia felt a keen sense of pride as his Ka destroyed the oversized terracotta toy, the look Keith now wore obviously revealed his ego had sprung a leak. The fool’s war weapon had proved just as useless as he was, the fact tickling some observation in the back of his mind, ‘Had a big mouth but not much bite? Or are you waiting to move…?’ he thought glancing at Keith’s forehead as if half expecting to see the tell-tale glow of the eye, “Hmph… Seems the fool is dueling on his own.”

Ryou hummed as Keith drew, ‘I think so too… Keith definitely plans on getting rid of Dark Sanctuary though…’ carefully he glanced down at his facedown cards, ‘The only way of doing that is… Ah! Monster Reborn!’ he looked to his deck and swallowed.

“My move!” Keith barked, his voice still grating over the last move. But still, he was ahead, and he planned to keep it that way… he wasn’t a tournament champ for nothing, “Heh, new part of the combo or not, it still has the same flaw! I activate Monster Reborn and summon Dark Necrofear to my side of the field in defense mode.” He smirked as the darkness tapered off the field, the Ouija Board dissipating along with it, “H-heheh, so long as she stays alive, Dark Sanctuary and the board go to the grave.”

Akefia glared irritatedly as the field made its leave, not so much as it being a loss, but just prolonging the inevitable, allowing longer for the fool to goad and piss him off further, “Feh…we’ll see fool… we’ll see…”

“Now I’ll switch Devil Zoa to attack mode.” Keith declared, the demon beast rising to its feet with a low growl as it awaited to gore its victim, “Zoa, attack Diabound!” immediately the demon pulled back with a roar and fired a concentrated blast from its fanged maw at the serpentine creature, Keith grinning broadly. In one turn he’d have the runt right under his boot where he belonged, ‘Heh, if the real one goes they both go~.’

“No you don’t! Trap card activate, Negate Attack!” Ryou suddenly called out, making the American stall in irritation, “And as you said before my other card is Dark Door. Your attack phase is over.”

As the cards went into effect, Zoa’s blast suddenly tapered into nothing, Diabound remained in place unharmed and unwavered, tail hissing at the now empty threat.

Keith gave a gruff snort and crossed his arms, his move now set, “Feh, I end my turn.”

“My turn.” Ryou replied as he drew, determination now well in his eyes as he smiled, “Your victory is short lived Keith! I play the magic card Déjà vu! This card returns everything to the way it was a turn ago. Except magic cards that were played stay in the grave! Meaning,” he began as the field once more began to grow dark, the eyes once more blinking back to gaze at the duel. Amongst them the Ouija Board reappeared, the phantom spirit wandered the field and Necrofear was once more hovering poised over the board as the phantom held a “D” above her, “The curse is back! Since one of your turns end, Necrofear will point to another letter.”

With a dull creaking, Necrofear dragged the penchant over the letter “E”, another spirit joining next to the one above her holding the new letter.

As Keith looked on, he felt the echo of laughter in the back of his mind, his boss clearly amused at the current outcome, {Keh-Heheheh! Very interesting! The Ring bearer is far more of a relentless duelist than I expected!} Malik chortled, genuinely surprised by the Ring bearer’s skill. The Spirit of the Ring was one thing, but he had been almost certain the boy would have been far too rattled to duel properly, and so far he’d been proven otherwise, {If you sit still the board will end the duel for him or Diabound and its double will tear you apart. Attack and you risk ending yourself! Ha-haha! This duel is over.}

Keith felt his face fall at Malik’s blunt words, ‘WHAT?! You’re saying I’m going to lose?!’ the sting of that thought alone made Keith’s blood boil. No way was he going to lose to a scrawny, runty white haired rat!! NO WAY!!

Malik simply chuckled in response, {That’s the just of what I said, yes. It was decided once your Monster Reborn was sent to the grave. You have no way of retrieving it. Also, despite your Metalmorph, he’ll use the Doppleganger to lower its attack and Diabound’s attack will be higher than it. Further, its attack will keep rising with each prey it kills. Soon it’ll be able to wipe out any monster in your deck.}

Akefia burst out in laughter as he watched Keith’s expression fall, the move having no doubt caught him off guard, “Three turns left.” he mused before glancing at Diabound once more. He felt a mild shudder of annoyance slip through himself as he was reminded of his Ka’s current disadvantage, “Still… that Zoa poses a considerable threat. We’ll need to crush that defense quickly.”

‘There’s also Barrel Dragon.’ Ryou commented as the machine returned to the field due to Déjà Vu, ‘Their attack is the same but Barrel Dragon can destroy more monsters in a turn… and he seems to want us to attack Devil Zoa.’ He thought as he looked to his hand, once more a bit tense. One wrong move and things could sour, “I tribute Earthbound Spirit to Dark Sanctuary and summon Portrait’s Secret in defense mode.”
//Portrait’s Secret: Attack:1200 Defense:1500//

Looking at the Devil Zoa, Akefia pondered the options, “He must have something up his sleeve for it… If he were to augment it, it would be even stronger…” for a moment Akefia weighed the options before simply smirking and shrugging, the possible outcome no longer of any concern to him, given away by the fool’s clear tension, “In any case… this duel is not over til it’s over.” At that he turned his attention to his Ka, some part of him still keeping to the careful side, ‘Be cautious Diabound… I sense some form of trap…’

The monster perked as he heard his master, turning his head to observe the Ring he gave a slight nod before refocusing on his opponents, his wings flexing slightly as his fists tightened awaiting the host to give the command…

Ryou paused only a moment more before making his decision, ‘I can’t let him have the chance to destroy all three monsters. Also the extra power would be good assurance. Also if it’s a trap set with Zoa, it won’t activate till I attack him.’

Akefia nodded in agreement, the Boy’s tact lacking nothing he himself would have overlooked, “A good point.”

Ryou perked at the spirit’s agreement and nodded confidently before returning to his battle phase, “Doppleganger, possess Barrel Dragon again!”

Immediately the shadow double leapt forward and into the machine, and in mere moments following, it was reduced to a smoldering spot on the board as Diabound once more sent it to the grave, “I set one card face down and end my turn.” Ryou finished as he watched the marionette spirit hover a moment and vanish into the Launch Spider, the Spirit in the Ring chuckling at the sight,

“Bit by bit~” he hummed in amusement as Diabound returned to his spot, now stronger for the victory.
//Diabound: Attack: 2200->2400//
//Keith: LP: 1150//

Keith felt himself begin to sweat as his blood began to boil, the loss of his Dragon for a second time in a row a full blown kick in the nuts. Gritting his teeth, looking over his monsters only worsened the feeling, ‘Shit… if I attack with either of these I’ll lose a big chunk of my LP.’ Growling aloud at the knowledge he simply drew his card grudgingly, the card he drew making him calm slightly, a small smirk coming back to his face as he placed it down, “I summon Slot Machine in attack mode!” With a low whirring a large military like robot adorning a casino slot machine emerged onto the field,
//Slot Machine: Attack: 2000 Defense:2300//

“And I’m equipping two attack slot machine power units! Slot Machine’s attack goes up by 1400!” Keith declared, grinning widely as the machine’s attack climbed,
//Slot Machine: Attack: 2000->3400//

“I change Launch Spider to defense mode. Now Slot Machine, Attack Diabound! Plasma Laser Cannon!” Keith called out, a wild grin on his face as the Machine began charging its laser. In moments his precious piece of crap monster would finally bite it, and him along with it!!

Ryou’s eyes flashed and immediately he flipped a card, “Trap activate, Dark Spirit of the Silent!” Suddenly, much to Keith’s frustrated surprise, the Slot Machine froze up and resumed its pose as if the attack had not been issued, “The attack order is switched to Launch Spider!” Ryou declared as a wraith flew out and into the sitting Spider.

Keith growled irately, “Launch Spider is in defense mode, it can’t attack!”

Ryou simply stared back at Keith evenly, not at all daunted by the observation, “The spirit forces Launch Spider into attack mode!”

Keith grit his teeth as he watched his spider rise back into attack position, the motion seeming like it was being forced to do so. But to his surprise, instead of attacking, the spirit of Necrofear’s marionette leapt out at him instead. Giving a loud growl of anger, Keith glared at Ryou hatefully, “I end my turn...” he hissed.
//Keith LP: 50//

Akefia watched the duelist as he fought to accept what was to come, chuckling at the fact, “This duel is over. It’s almost pointless~”

Ryou felt his pulse quicken at the observation and looked to Diabound, “My turn, Diabound! Destroy Launch Spider!”

All eyes fell to the White monster as he rose up and fired one last Spiral wave down onto its victim below, the machine and the rest of Keith’s life points blown to the wind, the Thief in the Ring grinning smugly as the duel came to a close, ‘Well done Diabound…’

“And the winner is decided! The winner of this round is Ryou Bakura!” the referee declared as the field cleared.

Ryou stood in place for a moment and felt his heart pound in sheer exhilaration. He’d won! He’d beat a duel monsters champion! Those facts were small compared to what that meant to him… it was one step closer to getting his father back.

The sound of clapping caught Ryou’s attention and turning to the sound he felt himself bristle as he saw who was doing the clapping, ‘Pegasus…’

The man sat with a bright and happy smile as he addressed the victor exuberantly, “Well done Bakura-Boy. Good job~! You advance to the next round!”

Bandit Keith stood rigidly in place, his furious shaking barely repressed, the words leaving his ears burning as intensely as his stomach. How could he have lost to such a wimpy newb?! The faint pressure from his subconscious made him shake even more so,

{As I predicted.} Malik hummed nonchalantly as the victory was declared, the victory not so much a shock to him. Admittedly the Ring bearer had not initially struck him as a threat, he had underestimated him. If anything the only real issue was the Thief, if that. But once the duel commenced he knew he had not given him proper credit… he huffed, it mattered little in the end. Noting his lackey’s swiftly growing rage he hummed, it would do him no good to have Keith go off presently. No, the duel was lost, but there was plenty left to be done, {Leave Keith. Do as I said before and wait for a moment to search Pegasus’ room.} The fresh wave of irritation that flooded through his link made him chuckle, {Trust me, there will be chances in the future for you to re-challenge the Ring bearer.}

Ryou tore his gaze away from Pegasus’ rather mocking smile in time to see Keith snatch his cards and stalk down the hall, clearly not taking his loss that well, ‘…This won’t be the last we see of him, I’m sure…’ Ryou thought as he gathered his cards.

Akefia watched Keith leave, smirking at the clear sting of defeat before humming in a more serious manner as Ryou turned to head down the hall, ‘Neither do I… He and his master as well…’ Keith was one thing on his own against the Boy, but Malik was another matter entirely. Akefia hummed to himself, that would be something that he’d have to keep a trained eye out for, especially for the time being. For now though, things were going along well enough, one step further to the prize… he paused as the Boy continued down the hall, his thoughts just barely audible to him, but then he hadn’t been really listening…

The Boy had entered the tournament for his Father and nothing more; as for himself, admittedly the prospect of obtaining a new item was well worth the trouble and the Boy was proving to be more than he took him for; he was determined and surprisingly level in his duels as well as a brilliant strategist. He’d come out on top quickly, a fact that actually impressed him, “Well done Boy… That was a ruthless and flawless victory~.”

Ryou perked at the spirit’s sudden praise, momentarily surprised before he smiled, ‘Thanks Akefia, the plan pulled through in the end…?!’ the silverette was pulled from his private talk when his friends came around the corner, immediately greeting him with cheering. Ryou was momentarily stunned as Jonouchi’s arm suddenly hooked him in a friendly headlock,

“Great job Bakura! You crushed that jerk like he was nothing, Haha!!” he exclaimed excitedly with no small amount of satisfaction from saying so.

Ryou gave a shy laugh in response at the affection and straightened as he was released. He paused as he felt an irritated jolt surge through the Ring and looked up to see Yami walking up to him smiling approvingly, “That was an excellent strategy Bakura! You’re a real fierce duelist!”

Ryou felt himself blush at all the praise and was about to say his thanks when a staff member approached and interrupted the conversation, “Yugi Mouto, your duel is next. Please head to the arena.” the staff member declared. He made his leave as Yami nodded and turned to his friends,

“My turn then.” He said simply, his friends nodding and giving him well wishes as he turned and made his way to the arena.

Akefia calmed slightly as Yami disappeared and grunted, “Well… now that that’s over…” he huffed dully not really meaning to continue the conversation. Shifting his attention to the hall as they headed back to observe the duel, he paused as he felt something amiss. Looking around he settled on the group itself as they headed to the arena he quickly found the problem, “We’re short one…”

Ryou paused at the spirit’s words and looked up, momentarily confused by the comment when he noticed what he was referring to, “Anzu, where’s Honda?”

Anzu and Jonouchi paused at the question and looked at one another, “I don’t know, he didn’t show up today…” she replied, a strange look now on her face as she looked to Jonouchi. She thought he’d just slept in and hadn’t paid the fact much attention until now, “I’m worried. Where could he be?”

Jonouchi frowned as he thought about it, “I’m not sure… he was pretty edgy yesterday after Kaiba got his soul taken.”

Ryou felt himself shift as he looked over the banister, his eye angled back towards the hall as he recalled what had happened the night before. Immediately he felt his stomach churn anxiously… had something gone wrong? Swallowing he turned his thoughts to the Ring, ‘Think he got caught?’

Listening to the conversation with some intrigue, Akefia hummed amusedly at the question, “It’s likely… especially for an amateur sneaking about a heavily guarded palace…” immediately he knew his response had only made his Host’s concern intensify. In only a moment he huffed knowingly, “You want to go ensure he’s safe don’t you…?” he was met with a nod in response,

‘If something happens to him it’ll be my fault for not stopping him last night…’

Akefia felt his mind stall, automatically irritated by his Host’s words, “Tch…! Hardly… if it was anyone’s fault it would be his own…” he paused a moment and inwardly sighed, rolling his eyes knowing that discussing morality was going to be a pointless endeavor, “whatever…” he hummed as Ryou turned to his friends and was about to speak when Akefia stepped in, “Won’t want them worrying the whole time, now do we? Best to just leave without another word.”

Ryou paused a moment at the bit of advice, but with only a moment of thought he figured the spirit had a point. Nodding, he carefully and discretely slipped into the hall as the others focused on the commencing duel; soon he found himself walking deeper into the halls, careful to avoid any staff or guards that might be around…
Ba-Ku-Ra! chapter19
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(reminder: there will be no yaoi in this)

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By: Miss-DNL & RenagadeRexRider
Chapter 18: Shadow of a New Foe
"Keith!" Ryo yelled as he saw his enemy, and future opponent, come into his room. Akefia tensed and let out a low growl from within the Ring when he saw the man enter. Standing his ground Ryo narrowed his eyes and glared at Keith, "What do you want!?"
The American was hardly intimidated by the teen and held his hands up. Chuckling he grinned, Keith was almost disappointed he wasn’t going remember what was going to happen. He knew it was going to be good. "Keh-heh, oh you won't be speaking with me." Keith chuckled again when he saw what he had said had effectively confused Ryo. He pointed to his forehead and smirked as the glowing eye of Horus appeared at the center.
The already suspicious Thief King tensed when he saw the glowing eye appear on his forehead, “He's being controlled!” He warned quickly, though Ryo had already gotten the same idea when he saw the eye appear,

First chapter:…

So sorry for the long wait on this folks. primary reason was a lot of stuff was lost when my flash drive had a tragic accident. :( but here this is, and i hope you enjoy, because now we get to the good parts~;)

Synopsis: Ba-Ku-Ra! is the story of Ryou Bakura, a shy socially depraved teen who holds a dark secret; He carries the Millennium Ring. Once home to a cruel spirit who's sinister plans nearly cost him the lives of himself and his closest friends is now the home of the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle's arch nemesis, Akefia, the Thief King. By working together and with the help of his friends, Ryou and the Thief are now free of the evil Yami; but now a new threat has arisen, Maxamillion Pegasus, the creator of duel monsters! Desiring the mysterious power of the Millennium Items for himself, Pegasus has forced the Ring and Puzzle barer into fighting in his Duelist Kingdom tournament, or the fate of their beloved family members could be lost... Can Ryou depend on his new Spirit for help? Is he truly his ally or was the first occurrence simply a means to an end for the Thief to now hunt the Items himself?
Find out!

Yu-Gi-Oh! and its characters herein are a ©Kazuki Takahashi
FanFiction is a ©:iconrenagaderexrider: and :iconmiss-dnl:(Art belongs to :iconmiss-dnl:)
Smokin hot by RenagadeRexRider
Smokin hot
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Good lord i love this guy.....horny revamp  this guy is Hot~... i can't wait to see him unmasked. :love:
:lol: rabid fangirl aside, i loved having a crack not only at male physiology but also pencil shading again. i hadn't done that in some while, and i must the end result~


Art work  is a ©:iconrenagaderexrider:
Mortal Kombat Smoke is a ©WB Netherrealm studios


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